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The Heart of Travel - Guatemala

Travel Consulting

Looking to explore Latin American independently but need a little guidance when it comes to planning your itinerary, booking your lodging or deciding where to eat?

Heart of Travel offers customized travel consulting to help you maximize your time and money which means you can have a more memorable travel experience without the stress of spending an hour in your hotel room trying to google where to get lunch or the best way to travel from point A to point B.

Plus, for those of you who are truly looking to travel in a more ethical, efficient and responsible way you know how much work can go into researching and dissecting what lodging options to stay at, what restaurants to eat at, what tour companies to support etc. We cut all of that work out for you by connecting you with our trusted and well known contacts where we know your money is being spent wisely; giving you both quality and great value while also getting money directly into the hands of the people working so hard to make your travel experience a reality.

The Heart of Travel - Guatemala

How Does Travel Consulting Work?

1. Fill out and submit the brief questionnaire

After making your payment, please fill this form with the questionnaire. It’s ok if you don’t have all of the answers, we can figure them out together on our first call. However, the more information you can provide us with in advance, the faster we can narrow things down to meet your specific needs and interests.

2. Set up a time for our call

After we’ve reviewed your questionnaire, we will set up a time for our call. During this call we will go over all of your answers, fill in any gaps and provide you with some immediate useful information and tips.

Initial phone/video call with Heart of Travel consultant can be set up via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or any preferred method of communication. Of course, if we are in the same geographical area we always love to meet up for coffee face to face 😉

After your initial call we will follow up via email with the following:

  • Suggested layout for your itinerary.
  • Suggested options for accommodations, restaurants and must do activities.
  • Suggested international flights based off of your tentative travel dates.
  • Tips for travel to this area including information on language, cultural etiquette, currency and weather.
  • Packing lists.
  • Insider tips and a list of recommended films and books to check out for those looking to deepen their understanding of history, culture, politics and society prior to their trip.
  • Basic Travel Spanish Packet.
  • A proposed itinerary where Heart of Travel coordinates all aspects of your travel that you can book on the spot completely eliminating all the work and stress or travel planning for you.
Antigua Guatemala coffee tour

Upon receiving the follow up email after our call if you opt for us to book your travel experience on your behalf with our preferred hotels, guides, transportation providers, etc. we are more than happy to make any requested changes or tweaks to the itinerary. If you opt to continue planning and booking your travel on your own, we are happy to hop on a final 30-minute call or chat via email to answer any final questions or clean up any doubts that you may have!


$300 nonrefundable payment. Heart of Travel will apply this credit towards the total bill when you opt for us to book your trip on your behalf!

The Heart of Travel - Mexico
The Heart of Travel - Guatemala
The Heart of Travel - Guatemala
The Heart of Travel - Guatemala
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