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Our Impact

At the Heart of Travel, we have a true commitment to cultivating positive relationships with local communities and upholding high ethical standards on all of our tours. Our trips include at least one visit to one of our sister communities where visitors have the opportunity to learn about a school, organization, small business or project of some sort that is doing incredible work and deserves recognition, support and the opportunity to share their story. We firmly believe in the power of education combined with access to capital and resources, such as technology, in order for individuals and communities to overcome political, socioeconomic and environmental barriers that hinder them from leading the healthy, stable and dignified lives all human beings deserve.

Apart from working to build long term relationships and creating travel experiences that provide local communities with sustainable ways to boost their economy while sharing their cultural and communities with visitors, Heart of Travel is happy to participate in a variety of fundraising efforts when we know the organizations well and believe that fundraising is an appropriate form of support.

In our commitment towards transparency, you can see below a list of the fundraising efforts we’ve been involved with since we started:

Volcano Relief

$30k Fundraised

Fundacion Fenix

Our sister NGO

Changing The Streets

One Health Initiative

Responsible Travel

We define the responsible traveler as one who takes time to develop a basis of understanding of the culture, history, language and socio-political climate of the host country instead of imposing their own beliefs, values, and standards onto the country and the people they are visiting

The Last 3 Years In Numbers

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Impact Graphic
Cultural Immersion in Guatemala
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