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Our Impact on the Environment

We don’t purchase products made from endangered species

Eating ethically is one of the simplest – and delicious – ways to make your holiday more sustainable. We take you to all the best places to enjoy the local cuisine, in restaurants owned by locals!

We use conservation and reduction measures for water, waste and energy be it as simple as supplying you with a water refill station to reduce the use of plastics, recycling and working with hotels, bed and breakfasts and transportation companies that employ eco-friendly standards.

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When organizing tours that put is in touch with the local flora and fauna, we do not feed, touch, or lure wildlife to come into contact with our group via food. This sort of behavior can be harmful to the health of the native wildlife or introduce disease. It also breaks the natural ecosystem, causing the animals to become reliant on food handouts.

We are on a constant journey to learn and implement new ways to cut down on our negative impact on the environment and welcome ideas, suggestions and collaborations to help us reach out goal 100% no waste goal while on our tours and we encourage our travelers, and all travelers in general, to look for way to reduce waste and lessen their impact on the environment when traveling.

We travel in small groups to lower our environmental impact

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The Heart of Travel - Guatemala
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The Heart of Travel - Guatemala
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