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  • We inform our clients of the historical background and introduce them to the culture of the host country prior to arriving by providing a customized list of books and movies about the country. This list is a combination both fiction and nonfiction books and films, which touch on current cultural and political affairs, history, economy, the indigenous communities of the region, stories of women rising, and other relevant topics.
  • We educate visitors about the marginalized communities and areas in which we work and the daily lives of the individuals and families there. Tour participants see Latin America for both its beauty and its struggle.
  • We make sure that none of our suppliers or partners exploit children or violate human rights standards for both adults and minors. 
  • We work with locals whenever possible and pay above minimum wage and industry standards to all of our subcontractors.
  • We also encourage our clients to tip every time a service is provided as tips make up a large percentage of the overall income of many individuals working in the service and tourism industry, particularly freelance local guides.
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coffee tour Guatemala
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